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NBA Trade: Rondo to Cavs, Jimmy Butler, Millsap Latest News and Update

First Posted: Jan 10, 2017 03:40 AM EST
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As the NBA trade deadline is almost closing Social Media is flooding with talks of the latest news and rumors. The rumors are circling around Jimmy Butler's availability, Millsap and Rondo's possibility of moving to Cleveland Cavaliers.

Butler has been named the Eastern Conference player of the week, this is certainly good for the Bulls but still his name managed to be mentioned in trade rumors. Chicago Bulls might not even trade Butler as the star has been at his best for the past week, as stated on Forbes.

Looking into Butler's performance last week he scored 114 point in just three games and this brings all the more reasons for the Bulls to retain him. Dwayne Wade on the other hand has been a good supporter for Butler to grow up and be a better player.

According to Chicago Tribune, if the Bulls trade Butler at this moment it would be likely for high picks. It has also been a known fact that the Bulls General Manager refused to trade Pau Gasol.

As for Paul Millsap it was made clear by the Atlanta Hawks that they intend to keep him for the long run. Even though they are not interested in trading Millsap it seems that he still has the option to opt out of his contract.

With Butler have a good reason not to be traded and Millsap might remain for a long time, it appears that the Cavaliers are interested in point guard Rajon Rondo. As the Cavs are likely to look for free agents there is a potential for Rondo to move from the Bulls.

Nothing has been made official yet but there are possibilities that the trade might take place before the deadline, either Rondo will be on his way or another change might drop by soon enough to spice up the NBA trade. 



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