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Chinese Telecom Equipment Maker ZTE to Slash 5% Of Global Workforce

First Posted: Jan 11, 2017 11:51 AM EST
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Chinese telecom ZTE is currently facing U.S trade sanctions that disrupt its supply chain and slashing about 3,000 jobs in the company. The said job cuts are primarily in China where the company has been losing its market share.

According to GSMarena, the company will slash jobs including those in the fifth positions of its struggling handset business in China. The Shenzhen-based company which is one of the world's biggest telecom gear makers in the world will cut down 5 percent of its 60,000 global workforces.

The company's handset business, on the other hand, will let go 10 percent of the total number of its workforce in the domain. According to the senior executive of the company, the cuts in the handset business in China will be beyond 20 percent.

Local managers of the company branches from the different parts of the world were ordered to shed 10 percent of its staff in their department by the end of January. They were also asked for names of those who applied for jobs in their rival company - the Huawei and were branded as 'unstable factors.'

According to Android Headlines, ZTE is the only Chinese smartphone vendor that has a meaningful presence in the United States for making its 10 percent market share as the fourth-largest vendor in the world.

Reports claimed that the US Commerce Department have announced in March that it would impose a ban on exports by US companies to ZTE. The reason was for the allegedly breaking Washington's sanction sales to Iran.

Following a series of reprieves, the ban has not yet come into effect. The last ban will expire on February 27. However, it this will continue, it will jeopardize the entire company's supply chain.

Two third of ZTE's components relies on US companies which include Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Intel. And last year, the company's worldwide smartphone shipments also fall to 11.85 compared to 2005 rating.

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