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U.S weather Updates: La Niña Fades Away Leaving Neutral Condition

First Posted: Feb 11, 2017 09:05 PM EST

The La Niña episode has faded away and lasted for only four months. U.S weather forecasters reported that it was the weakest and the shortest La Niña on the record. Mike Halper from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center said that coming next is one of the strongest El Ninos.

 According to USA Today, as La Niña fades away, neutral conditions will continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring. The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) - an agency of the National Weather Service said in its monthly forecast that the neutral conditions have returned and is expected to continue.

 "Even though it was relatively weak and short-lived ... it did leave impacts," Halpert said as he points to the unusual cold in Alaska, U.S. Northern Plains, and western Canada during December and January.

 The pattern of the La Niña climate could be identified by having a cooler than average ocean water in the central Pacific Ocean. This is considered as one of the primary factors of weather not just in the U.S but also around the world particularly during late fall, early spring, and winter.

 According to CTV News, the University of Washington atmospheric scientist Mike Wallace said that powerful El Ninos often follow strong La Niña. El Ninos are forming later this summer or fall.

 NOAA's Climate Prediction Center the official La Niña watch showing that the pattern is likely to develop within the next few months. Furthermore, La Niña has a 70% chance to develop this coming fall and 55% chance that will persist through winter.

 The disappearance of La Niña will put the world in a neutral condition which makes it hard for meteorologists to make seasonal or long-term forecasts reports. The persistent warming caused by La Niña will lead forecasters to continue the call for warmer instead of average temperatures.

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