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'Thor: Ragnarok' Update: Benedict Cumberbatch's Doctor Strange To Make Appearance In Upcoming Thor Movie

First Posted: Feb 16, 2017 10:15 PM EST
Thor: Ragnarok Update: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange To Make Appearance In Upcoming Thor Movie

Photo : Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

"Thor: Ragnarok" will be Thor's third solo adventure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After going up against is Brother Loki and fighting the dark Elves and their leader Malekith in the previous two movies, Thor will now be facing his toughest challenge yet; a challenge that could, potentially, end all life in Asgard.

With the coming threat so big, Thor will do everything in his power to keep his people and home safe. As far as reports are going, one particular Avenger will be a part of Thor's mission, as well as a future Avenger making a cameo in the movie; No, not Stan Lee but he will also be making a cameo as usual.

According to MovieNewsGuide, after the Incredible Hulk was confirmed to be a part of Thor's upcoming installment, Marvel has also confirmed that Doctor Strange will also star in the movie. Doctor Strange, who just recently starred in his debut movie just two months ago, will be having a cameo in "Thor: Ragnarok," as seen in the mid-credits scene in Doctor Strange revealing a conversation between them.

Odin has been missing following the events of Thor: The Dark World, leaving Thor trying his very best to find him. After Strange makes his own assurances of Thor in the scene, he then agrees to help find Odin.

Given his extreme knowledge of the multiverse, Strange would probably be able to eventually find Odin. It would then be seen in the actual movie as to what extent does he attain success.

In terms of who the real enemy is in "Thor: Ragnarok," a report coming from SlashFilm says that the movie will bring Thor, The Hulk, and Doctor Strange together to face off against intergalactic bad guys. If this gets officially confirmed by Marvel, Strange could potentially have a bigger role than just a mere cameo than expected.

"Thor: Ragnarok" will be released on November 3 this year. It will be part of other Marvel movies under phase three of the MCU.

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