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Sheryl Nome Returns For Macross' 35th Anniversary: Past Singers Coming Soon?

First Posted: Mar 07, 2017 05:34 AM EST
Sheryl Nome is back

Photo : Macross Delta/Twitter

The Macross franchise is turning 35 years this year and to commemorate, Sheryl Nome has been announced to return once again. She is one of the heroines that star in "Macross Frontier" and a teaser clip reveals that there will be a short movie about her on March 12.

The teaser clip of Sheryl Nome is currently being shown in the Alta Vision in Shinjuku and UDX Vision in Akihabara, according to Crunchy Roll. The short teaser will be aired until March 11 and then the announcement movie will come the next day at 2:30 PM in Japan. Fans will only be able to see the two-minute film once.

According to the outlet, Sheryl Nome's return is the start of the Macross 35th anniversary celebration. "Macross Frontier" originally aired in 2008. Sheryl Nome's voice in the anime is done by voice actress Aya Endo and her singing voice is by Japanese pop singer May'n.

Anime News Network reports that Sheryl Nome is one of the singers in "Macross Frontier." She sings together with Ranka Lee who is played by Megumi Nakajima as the voice actress and singer in the series.

In "Macross Frontier", Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee are in a love triangle with the main protagonist named Alto Saotome who is a pilot. The anime has 25 episodes and the series has produced two original video animations. The franchise is known for its soundtrack and the songs from "Macross Frontier" consistently topped the Japanese song charts during its time.

It is not known who will appear next after Sheryl Nome for the Macross 35th anniversary but there have been speculations idols from other series will be appearing as well. Other singers from the Macross franchise include Ranka Lee, Lynn Minmay, Sharon Apple, Walkure and the rock band Fire Bomber to name a few.

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