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Convicted Footballer Bruno Causing Serious Trouble To Brazilian Club's Future

First Posted: Mar 15, 2017 07:45 PM EDT
FootBrazil's interview with Bruno Fernandes de Souza

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Sportsmen are majorly applauded by their fans from all around. But committing gruesome deeds can turn a sports person's dream for fame into a waste. But this seems not to be applicable on Brazilian star goalkeeper yet convicted murderer Bruno Fernandes de Souza. The second division Football club of the country: Boa Esporte recently signed a new contract with the player. Although, this contract has caused loads of controversies around the authorities of the club.

According to Time, Bruno is convicted of killing his former girlfriend Eliza Samudio and have her body fed to dogs back in 2010. He was even sentenced to life imprisonment for 22 years but just in the last month, a new judge allowed him to be freed. Boa Esporte signed a two-year contract with the player on Tuesday. As soon as this information was revealed in public, the family members of the victim raged in furious anger. The player recently stated: "People run from me because of what happened in the past." However, this step has caused a massive loss for the club as well.

As per a report by The Guardian, the decision was first announced by the club's president. Boa Esporte is an underdog football team from Varginha in Minas Gerais. As soon as the declaration of this contract many of the football fans from Brazil started protesting against the contract. Three major and potential sponsors of the team - Nutrends Nutrition, CardioCenter and Magsul - officially pulled out their sponsorship from the team's desk. However, the Varginha city government remained as the last financial backbone to Boa Esporte. Reports further suggest that groups of hackers also showcased their hatred against the club by posting denunciations on the homepage of Boa Esporte's official website.

This has created a mixed impression among the footballers and the sports lovers. Some of them are regarding this as a welcoming decision. But the major part is considering this as a big mistake from the club's end, as Bruno is still left with two-third of his complete punishment.

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