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AMD Updates: Four AMD Ryzen Desktop Processors To Launch On April 11

First Posted: Mar 17, 2017 03:34 AM EDT

Advanced Micro Devices recently announced that it would launch its four AMD Ryzen desktop processors on April 11 worldwide. AMD is hoping that the chips will be a solution to steal some market share back from Intel which is dubbed as the world's first largest chip maker.

Earlier this month, the company reveals its AMD Ryzen desktop processors' prices and release date. The company furthermore, marks a significant transition after the launching. The company hopes for success after the release of its AMD Ryzen desktop processor for high-end PCs.

According to Venturebeat, the company will ship its AMD Ryzen desktop processor on April 11. This is also the same day that the firm will begin to accept its first orders for the chip. All four latest Ryzen 5 chips will be sold at less than $250.

The prices of the four AMD Ryzen desktop processors are the same as the price range of Intel for its Core i5 chips. The difference between AMD and Intel is that AMD Ryzen desktop processors offer numbers of cores and threads compare to Intel's Core i7 which potentially offers much value for the price.

The four AMD Ryzen desktop processors are equipped with SenseMI technology. This type of technology is a suite of features that adapts their processors to the user's performance and power standards.

The PC World reported that AMD Ryzen desktop processors have four or six cores with eight or 12 threads. And the price of the chips ranges from $169 to $249. Ryzen is expected to bring innovation and competition to the PC market, and AMD Ryzen desktop processors will be the next big thing in the field. 

Overclockers should also be able to have the most out of AMD Ryzen desktop processors because every processor will ship unlocked. According to AMD, the Ryzen 5 processors are aimed at the high-volume, sub-$300 central processing unit (CPU) market for creators and gamers.

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