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Alaska Volcano: Bogoslof Eruption Disrupts Airlines Operation

First Posted: Mar 10, 2017 03:47 AM EST
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Alaska Volcano 'Bogoslof Volcano' at Bogoslof Island

Photo : Photo by T. Keith, U.S. Geological Survey

Alaska Volcano 'Bogoslof Volcano' which has been active since December last year has erupted again. According to the Observatory, the Alaska Volcano 'Bogoslof Volcano' which is located in the Aleutian Islands has erupted just before 10 a.m of the local time.

The eruption of the Alaska Volcano 'Bogoslof Volcano'  sent ashes clouds to 25,000 feet. According to ABC News, the Alaska Volcano 'Bogoslof Volcano'  has already erupted way back in the mid-December which also brings the biggest cloud in the late night of Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The eruption during that time sent warnings to airlines as well as in the major U.S. fishing port in the islands.

The National Weather Service have already provided advice with regards to the traces amounts of ashes that could settle on Dutch Harbor - the major port for Bering Sea crab and Pollock. Ashes from Alaska Volcano 'Bogoslof Volcano' can harm and stop jet engines.It is considered as a threat to airliners that are operating between North American and Asia when the cloud rises to 20,000 feet. The alert level is steady and remains at 'Warning.'

The current aviation color code also reads as Red which signifies imminent eruption, suspected, or is already underway. According to Science Times, the South winds push the Bogoslof ash clouds from the Alaska Volcano 'Bogoslof Volcano' to the north and the Bering Sea.

Alaska Volcano 'Bogoslof Volcano' ash that is floating above the volcano can damage the jet engine turbine blades. The ash will meet the moment that it enters the engine which will lead to engine failure. Moreover, the ashes from the Alaska volcano will also hinder with the electronics of the navigation systems and even scratch the cockpit windows.

Ashes from the Alaska Volcano 'Bogoslof Volcano'  do not only interfere with jets' engine but also could cause harm to people and animals. It could cause respiratory problems as well as damage the air filters and gasoline engine.

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