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Microsoft Surface Book 2 Might Just Be Another Ordinary Laptop

First Posted: Mar 18, 2017 10:30 AM EDT
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The Microsoft Surface Book 2 could be one of unique looking Windows machines that customers might ever see in the market. The Book 2 disguises its 2-in-1 nature with its fulcrum hinge which the device a notebook-like look and feel.

According to Digitimes, the next generation of Surface Book might not be able to retain the 2-in-1 nature. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 has already begun into mass production, and there is information circulating that Microsoft is currently losing the convertible nature of the machine.

This makes the Microsoft Surface Book 2 a regular notebook without being detachable or even sporting the fulcrum hinge. The company recently released a Microsoft Surface Book 2 update in the press even starring the Surface Studio all-in-one desktop.

However, customers might be surprised as it was not the Microsoft Surface Book 2 that they were expecting. Microsoft will soon announce the next generation Surface Book laptop equipped with one design change.

According to BGR, Microsoft Company is planning to announce the new Microsoft Surface Book 2 at the end of March or April. This is also the time where Apple is expected to reveal its 2017 line of iPads. The date of the release for the Book2 is not yet confirmed, but the company ensures that upon the release, they will also point out the next major Windows 10 update.

A simple Microsoft Surface Book 2 could make it appear as an affordable device to customers. The starting price will be $1,000 and is expected to cost less compare to its predecessor. Moreover, it also has all the computing power it needs on the display. The keyboard half also has a mobile NVIDIA graphics chip that can help boost the laptop's graphics capacity. 

The new Microsoft Surface Book 2 will feature a 13.5-inch display and chassis which is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy. The company's decision to reduce the price of the new Surface Book is because the existing Surface Book's high-cost level has a limited demand.

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