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'Pokemon: I Choose You' Movie Reboot: New Movie Goes Back to Ash and Pikachu's First Meeting! [TRAILER]

First Posted: Mar 18, 2017 10:06 AM EDT
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There is a "Pokemon" movie reboot and it will go back to the time when Ash first met Pikachu. "Pokemon: I Choose You" will premiere in Japan on July 15 this year. A trailer of the film has been released and it brings a lot of nostalgia for those who grew up with the franchise.

"Pokemon: I Choose You" is the 20th anniversary film of the franchise. Polygon reports that it is a retelling of Ash's early adventures and his first meeting with a more reluctant Pikachu. A teaser clip of the film was first released in December last year and the Pokemon Company just released a full trailer of the movie just this week.

From the trailer, it seems the story will feature the iconic bickering of Ash and Pikachu. Those who are familiar with the origins of the two know that it was Professor Oak who offered Pikachu to Ash so the unknown man in the opening might be him. It looks like the "Pokemon: I Choose You" movie will have the two travel through Kanto from their home Pallet Town.

The first Pokemon anime episode was released in 1997. Forbes reports that it looks like the original voice actress for Pikachu is back for the "Pokemon: I Choose You" movie. This means those who grew up with Pokemon will have the chance to re-experience Ash and Pikachu's meeting all over again. New generation fans will also know the original voice of Pikachu.

"Pokemon: I Choose You" will be released in Japan on July 15. It is not known if the 20th anniversary film will be released in the West including the US.

Would you like to see "Pokemon: I Choose You" in US theaters in original sub or dub? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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