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'Dragon Ball Super' Updates: Vegeta's Magenta Super Saiyan God Form, Joining Goku's Team; Omni Kings' Criteria in Ranking Universe Revealed

First Posted: Mar 19, 2017 10:14 AM EDT
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In the previous chapter of "Dragon Ball Super," Episode 82 revealed the new form of Vegeta. Will Vegeta joined to defend Universe 7 in "Tournament of Power?" meanwhile in the series' Universal Survival Arc mortal rankings has been explained.

Vegeta achieved the magenta form, Super Saiyan God in the previous episode of "Dragon Ball Super." Back in DBS chapter 22, fans take notice that Vegeta's strength leveled up and now, finally confirmed that the prince of Saiyans turned into an iconic Saiyan.

Vegeta able to pull off the Magenta transformation after he fights Goku Black. After a lot and rigorous training, he finally transformed and fans are now expecting the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83 will feature a lot more of the Magenta Super Saiyan God, Vegeta.

But as it can be greatly noticed, the mange and the anime have several different stories given how its several characters are alive in the manga. So, some fans expected that Vegeta's magenta form may not be making an appearance in the "Tournament of Power," as per Blasting News.

Reports are now circulating stating that the Prince of Saiyan, Vegeta will be joining the "Tournament of Power." It is also expected in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 84 and hinted that Goku will be visiting Bulma's house to recruit Vegeta.

As Goku tends to look for best fighters in Universe 7 to fight along with him as he noticed a lot of tough fighters will also be in the arc, Empty Lighthouse has reported. Vegeta will be having second thoughts in joining the battle as he and Bulma are very excited for their second child to be born.

But knowing Vegeta's passion for fighting, his ego and his growing love for their family, fans are expected him to join Goku in "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power. A lot of fans are might be wondering how Omni King ranks each and other universes in "Dragon Ball Super."

Some say the universes have been ranked by their mortal levels, some say the ranking was based on strengths. But it doesn't explain why Universe 7 is in the bottom rankings. According to the report, Omni Kings' criteria in ranking every universe is through the Universe's quality of life, the intelligence of its inhabitants.

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