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Discover The Story Behind Illegal Mining In Venezuela

First Posted: Mar 21, 2017 02:04 AM EDT
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Venezuela has been suffering in an economic recession where the necessary resources and need such as food and medicine are becoming scarce. Many people died from malnutrition and the unhealthy environment caused by illegal mining in Venezuela.

The only advantage of Venezuela among other countries in the world is its affordable electricity and volatile national currency. With these, the country becomes a right place to make digital cash known as bitcoin.

Illegal mining in Venezuela is rampant. People are mostly working barefoot and shirtless when they entered inside the illegal gold mine. Workers are used to working in the dangerous and violent underworld of illegal mining in Venezuela.

According to Time, the gold which is deposited in Venezuela's Bolívar State has lured many minors to indulge in illegal mining in Venezuela. Most of them were found to be working outside the government regulation, in a dangerous condition, and facing a high risk of injury and worse death.

Recent reports revealed that many illegal miners died when the unstable mine collapsed in El Callao on August 23 last year. Teens are engaging in illegal mining in Venezuela to earn a living. Nobody cares about the narrow mine shaft that is filled with puddle water and the smell of gas.

One of the eighteen years old workers who has been working in illegal mining in Venezuela said that he has been doing the job for eight years. According to the Economic Times, there is a mafia war raging for control to the unlicensed and illegal mining in Venezuela.

 In the bloody war situation, many miners usually turn out dead with their body mutilated or riddled with bullets. Shootouts with assault rifles to the miners of illegal mining in Venezuela are common in the region.

Luis Rojas, the head of the Venezuelan Mining Chamber estimated that 90 percent of the gold which is present in the South American nation comes from illegal mining in Venezuela. Furthermore, Rojas said that a country that is affected by economic crisis had fueled an epidemic of violent crime.

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