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'Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders' Season 2 Premieres in UK this May 2017; Episode 3 Plot Synopsis, Promo Clip Revealed

First Posted: Mar 20, 2017 11:07 PM EDT
Criminal mastermind behind 'Ocean's 11' jailbreak captured in Spain disguised as devil

"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" Season 2 will finally air in UK on May. In addition to that, the official plot description and promo clip of episode 3 "The Devil's Breath" is provided here.

"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" Season will finally hit the small screens of UK. According to TV Wise, the Erica Messer-created TV series is set to officially premiere in the UK on Thursday, May 25, 2017, at 9:00 p.m. first and exclusive on UKTV's W Channel.

As for the official plot synopsis of episode 3, Spoilers Guide notes, "The International Response Team investigates the apparent suicide of an American in Colombia who emptied his bank account prior to his death."

For a quick rundown of "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" Season 2 episode 2 titled as "Il Mostro", Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that the IRT had been informed that two Americans were killed in Italy. They had apparently been in the country because of a year abroad program however they had driven to the outskirts of the city to have some alone time when they were interrupted by the most prolific killer in history.

The killer was known as the Monster of Florence or Il Mostro in the Italian language and he had a certain MO. He would find a couple that were usually in the throes of passion and he would shoot both victims. But the Unsub would also go to mutilate the female victims postmortem. So he had done so with Gina Prince and had even arranged her body to fit a certain pose while he more or less left Peyton Moss alone.

"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" Season 2 episode 3 is titled as "The Devil's Breath". The upcoming episode is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, at 10:00 p.m. EST first and exclusive on CBS Television Network.

"Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" is an American police procedural series created by Erica Messer that airs on CBS. The show is produced by The Mark Gordon Company in association with CBS Television Studios and ABC Studios.

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