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“The Matrix” Update: Latest Update On Upcoming Film Will Center On Young Morpheus

First Posted: Mar 20, 2017 11:52 PM EDT
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"The Matrix" trilogy did a great job to give viewers a futuristic experience of how the virtual world will be conquered and controlled by robots. The trilogy introduced us to Neo, Trinity and Morpheus.

Now, the franchise is making a comeback to the big screens and it won't focus anymore on Keanu Reeves' character. Recent updates reveal that Lawrence Fishburne's Morpheus is the main character for the follow up films.

According to Business Standard, the new "The Matrix" movie won't be a reboot as much as how the rumors tried to hype it. Rather, the screenwriter Zak Penn made a statement saying that the upcoming project will extend the universe of Neo. This prompt many that the film is going to be a prequel and hinted that it maybe Morpheus' time to take a large part.

"The Matrix" is surely a big hit during its theatrical run and many people will surely want to see more of it. The IGN also revealed that Warner Bros. is not also open for reboot but maybe wanted to get a young Morpheus on the big screens.

There are news saying that Michael B. Jordan, known for his superb acting in Creed, will be casted as the young Morpheus. In addition, Penn said that he's going to cast Keanu Reeves as Neo, he would have done it long ago.

Zak Penn put on his Twitter account his thoughts regarding the rumored reboot and said that he's much more of interested to see other stories than to contend with the original "The Matrix" which was directed by Wachowski brothers. Meanwhile, there is still no director being casted for the upcoming "The Matrix" follow up or prequel and fans have to wait for further updates.

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