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Microsoft's Mac To Surface Assistant: Allows Users To Transfer Files From Mac To Surface Device The Easier Way

First Posted: Mar 21, 2017 04:46 AM EDT
Microsoft’s New Tool Makes It Easier To Switch From Mac To Surface

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A new service that was spotted by a Twitter user that picks up much of Microsoft-related developments, called the Mac to Surface Assistant. Microsoft released the new service to help to transfer all the files from Mac across to Surface device with a minimum fuss when switching.

According to Techradar, Mac to Surface Assistant is a simple tool which allows the user to transfer the data from the Apple machine to the new Surface device, via an external drive. A lot of Mac owners wanted to purchase the Microsoft's Surface devices, which is freely available to move into locally stored files that are synced with Creative Cloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Mac to Surface Assistant is the Microsoft's company's newest move to attract the customers away from Apple. Prior to the new offer, Microsoft provides a lengthy, step-by-step instructions on how to move the files and mail from a Mac to Surface products.

Moreover, Digital Trends added that the company dished out a $650 trade-in discount to Mac owners to apply the new Surface device. Microsoft's Mac to Surface Assistant also provides a website that is dedicated to all the Apple clients who considered moving to the Surface family.

The Surface products look like it works greats with the Apple's devices and Mac to Surface Assistant services. The website provides a FAQ to answer the queries regarding syncing an iPhone to the new Surface device. It is also noteworthy that Apple has its own Windows Migration Assistant to help the computer users to switch to a Mac.

Regardless on the Windows versus Mac OS debate, a few clients who considered Surface device, and the Mac to Surface Assistant service will make the transferring process easy way to move. The tool can scan the Mac device and will provide a simple checklist for transferring the data and settings. The external drive as it required, must have a bigger in capacity than the storage unit used for the Mac.

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