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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 86 Spoilers: Goku Will Test Android 17 Powers; Female Broly’s Enhanced Abilities Far Superior

First Posted: Apr 10, 2017 06:09 AM EDT
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"Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 titled "Trading Blows For the First Time! Android 17 vs Son Goku" will feature Goku's attempts to recruit Android 17 who now works in a nature reserve. Goku has a habit of sparring with his recruits to test their strength.

The Saiyan will think that Android 17 lacks practice but will soon learn how strong he has become. Meanwhile, the power of the new female Broly will be revealed soon as Champa instructed Vados to look for powerful fighters in the previous episode of "Dragon Ball Super."

In "Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 Goku will still be in recruit mode. He will visit Android 17 in a nature reserve where he works as an animal reserve ranger and ask him to spar. Goku will not be convinced yet if the cyborg is ready to join his team since he will think that he lacks practice. What Goku does not know is that Android 17 has been training hard and has completely converted. The cyborg now has a family and is living peacefully, Anime Blog reported.

Goku will spar with Android 17 and will find that he has improved and is more powerful than ever. Goku actually has never fought against Android 17 and "Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 is the first time that he will discover the cyborg's power. Reports say that Android 17 is stronger than his sister Android 18 and it would be interesting to see what Goku would think after they full spar in the next episode.

Meanwhile, the power of another fighter will soon be revealed as the previous episode of "Dragon Ball Super" hinted how strong and skillful female Broly has become, Comic Book reported. In the episode, Universe 6 was very busy recruiting for their own set of fighters when the God of Destruction Champa asked Vados to look for fighters that will guarantee success for their world.

Cabba answered Vado's call and the voice of Champa could be heard saying that he wants fighters stronger than Cabba. The god wanted Saiyans to fight. An image of Broly transforming into Female Broly was seen in the initial trailer for the new arc. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 will hopefully continue revealing more about female Broly and her abilities.

Cabba looked very surprised at the order and recruited a fighter that looked like Broly in transformed form. Female Broly has a higher power level than Cabba which could spell the success of Universe 6. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 86 will air on April 16, Sunday. Crunchyroll airs recent episodes Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. while English dubbed versions are available on Adult Swim Saturdays at 11:30 p.m.

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