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‘Attack On Titan’ Tokyo Disneyland Play Tragedy: Stage Actor May Have Died Due To Management’s Lapses In Safety

First Posted: Apr 14, 2017 05:02 AM EDT
ライブ・インパクト「進撃の巨人」【公式】official photo

ライブ・インパクト「進撃の巨人」【公式】official photo(Photo : Twitter/ライブ・インパクト「進撃の巨人」【公式】)

"Attack on Titan" stage actor passed away after a practice session of the live action-version of the popular anime went awry. Kazutaka Yoshino was practicing for the live action play when he fell 16 meters in the air to about 10 meters from the floor of the Tokyo Disney's Maihama Amphitheater. Investigators are eyeing management's lapses in safety as Yoshino was rushed to a nearby hospital and died ten days after.

The "Attack on Titan" live action actor was suspended 16 meters from the ground while the lines were being inspected which may have led to authorities considering safety as a factor to the accident, Comic Book reported. Results of the investigation are yet to be released but as of the moment, Yoshino's employment is the only link between the incident and the "Attack on Titan" play.

Before "Attack on Titan," Yoshino was an acrobat for Cirque de Soleil "Mystere" show in Las Vegas and was one of Japan's to aerial performers. He was casted as an unnamed member of the Survey Corps alongside Hiroki Miura (Eren), Minami Tsuki (Mikasa) and Yuya Endo (Levi), Inverse reported. Aside from the group of actors, there were more than 150 performers and acrobats included in the play.

"Attack on Titan" live play management has recently reported through their official Twitter account that their group will continue production along with the construction of their set. A few photographs of the group practicing as well as a teaser video of the play were featured but no word about Yoshino's death was posted.

"Attack on Titan" Live Impact director Akiko Kodama is yet to release official statements about Yoshino's tragic death. The play will run from July 28 to September 3 at Tokyo Disneyland. Meanwhile "Attack on Titan" anime second season is now streaming online.


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