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Facebook Users Can Now Order & Pay For Subway Sandwiches Using Facebook Messenger

First Posted: Apr 20, 2017 06:18 PM EDT
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Buy Subway Sandwiches Through Facebook Messenger

Photo : MasterCard News/YouTube

Whether it be a six-inch, foot long, toasted bread or even multi-grain, Facebook users can now order and pay for it all through Facebook Messenger. Subway, in collaboration with MasterCard, has officially announced this week the immediate availability of a Subway ordering chat bot for Facebook Messenger, which is only one of several other mobile payment-enabled food-based chatbots, including ones for The Cheesecake Factory and Fresh Direct.

With the new Subway chatbot, Facebook Messenger users will now be able to construct their perfect Subway sandwich and complete the order using MasterCard's very own Masterpass. According to Mashable, a recent press conference on the news features MasterCard announcing that the chatbot was made to communicate with consumers similar to a friend, and in an authentic manner.

During its official public demo, the bot was seen asking questions like "Wanna get toasty?" and, when it was shifted to the cheese selection portion of the order, the bot then said: "Let's get cheesy."

According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook Messenger currently has about 1.2 billion users, and most people would rather chat than switch to fast food chain apps. Now, this can be done; people can now create their perfect sandwich and complete the order while still inside Messenger.

It has also been reported that the reason why MasterCard chose to start with food service partners for Masterpass integration is because of traditional retail, with its multitudes of different departments and product options being too complex for the chatbot environment.

MasterCard also noted that while users can engage in a lengthy conversation with the Chat Bot about their choices for their sandwich it could also possibly be summarized into a single emoji. With that being said, it would only mean that getting a Subway sandwich is going to be fast and easy.

The said platform also supports group messaging orders, and will also help group chat members split up the bill. Overall, Facebook Messenger has just gotten a lot more interesting, and it's just the beginning of so much more services being incorporated into the popular messaging app.

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