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‘Pokemon GO’ Updates: Niantic Swears To Stop Spoofing And Cheating; Investigations On Going

First Posted: Apr 20, 2017 06:09 PM EDT
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Photo : Twitter/Pokemon GO

"Pokemon GO" creator Niantic Labs is cracking down on players using spoofing software and programs that let them play the game even if they don't leave their specific location. Reports say that aside from missing features and the lack of legendary creatures, this is by far the worst that Niantic had to deal with when it came to "Pokemon GO." The gaming giant has started investigations and swore that it will end spoofing and cheating to benefit true blue players of the game.

Spoofing or GPS spoofing has plagued "Pokemon GO" for months. Spoofing is catching Pokemons and getting gifts and prizes using online tools and apps, BGR reported. These apps give players an advantage over other honest players since they can move around in a map and visit gyms anywhere around the area. Spoofing has completely reduced the competitive aspect of the online game and because of this, Niantic announced that enough is enough.

However, there are reports that reveal that Niantic Labs does not actually have the capacity to stop spoofing despite all its plans to end it. It could be working with Google which can curb spoofing once it releases Android 7.1 which can bust players' fake location. More so, Niantic is also launching new updates soon and these will focus on gathering players that it has lost over the past months.

Meanwhile, "Pokemon GO" Easter Eggstravaganza is ends today, April 20. This event has brought increased rewards for hatching Pokemons from eggs, half-priced lucky eggs and more creatures available from 2km eggs . Forbes said that this would be a good time to take advantage of the event since it's rare to find a quadruple surprise inside a lucky egg.

Aside from awesome gifts brought about by "Pokemon GO" Easter Eggstravaganza, the event also triggered an increase in downloads from new players. The game is currently at the number 3 spot at the App Store "Top Grossing Chart" and of course players are now asking what Niantic has planned for the next holiday. Niantic has a lot in their plate as it has to find a way to stop spoofing and please players that may have come back for good.

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