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10 Best Latin Music Videos of 2015: J Balvin, Nicky Jam, Maná & More [Watch]

First Posted: Dec 12, 2015 09:52 AM EST

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This year's best music videos, while dominated by male artists, were by some of most popular stars and some upcoming Latin artists. The following videos broke records, won awards, featured special guests, had remixes and helped certain artists reinvent themselves.

Check out our picks for the best Latin music videos of 2015.

1. "Ginza"

The video, released on July 21, not only helped establish J Balvin's use of the tiger as his symbol but also broke records. Ginza was the most watched Latin music video debut with more than 2.5 million views in 24 hours. The video features a ninja-inspired theme, likely due to its name also being the name of a district in Tokyo, Japan, and has Balvin following a beautiful and mysterious woman around while dancers perform to the tune's irresistible beat.

2. "El Perdón"

The track was everywhere this year and the video was just as successful. It was the only Latin video to win at the 2015 YouTube music awards and has over 370 million views on YouTube. In the video, Iglesias and Jam sing on the streets about struggling love and ask for forgiveness. With the song already being very emotional, the choice to blend the lyrics to a video that provides a look of Medellín, Colombia, its people and culture was received and executed well. The video keeps Iglesias and Jam separate for most of its 3 minutes and 46 seconds, only uniting them at the end.

3. "Me Voy Enamorando"

The video for Chino and Nacho's hit song wasn't simply about teenage love but also a message of support for those battling with cancer. In the video, a teenage boy falls in love with a girl that has cancer. Instead of singling out the teenage girls struggle, the video focuses on the boy doing everything he can to prove that he loves her, including getting Chino and Nacho to come perform with him at their school talent show and shaving his head. The video, released May 7, has over 200 million views on YouTube and the remix features reggaeton star Farruko.

4." Borro Cassette"

This song and its music video presented a new image for Maluma who, with his new record "Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy," presented himself as more of a reggaeton star than a pop heartthrob. The video's concept and plot twist was very effective in making the viewer believe that the girl we see wake up after a night of partying spent the night with Maluma. It is only until the end of the video that we find out she spent the night with another woman, who like the Colombian star was also dressed in a black hoodie, and not Maluma.

6. "Fiesta" (Remix)

Bomba Estéreo took their song "Fiesta," and remixed it. Then they added a video that featured none other than former rap star and blockbuster movie superstar Will Smith. The video is filled with dancers dressed in eccentric and tribal-inspired outfits who wake up to dance to the techno beat of the track. Smith raps in English and Spanish as they dance to the addictive beat, making it the perfect party anthem.

7. "Hasta la Raíz"

Natalia Lafourcade surprised many when she was one of the most nominated artists at the 2015 Latin Grammy Awards. However, a look at her videos and it's easy to see her appeal as an indie artist. While she may not have the most radio airplay, she is a strong artist. The music video for "Hasta la Raiz" shows off the singer's individuality and simplicity. The black and white video features Lafourcade singing while crowd surfing almost the entire time. Everything she does in the video, throwing flowers in the air, kissing a guy, playing guitar and singing with a mic, is supported by the crowd, making the video a possible tribute to fans.

8. "Mi Verdad"

A very pregnant Shakira and popular Latin band Maná got together for a duet this year and the music video, with over 88 million views, shows off what makes the band and the pop singer so beloved. In the video, the band and Colombian singer sit around a fire in an isolated location as they play instruments and sing. Small shots, like that of Shakira holding a balloon with her stomach in full view or of her sitting on a rusted old swing, exploding neon light signs and words made out of various objects like chairs and garbage cans, give the video a unique quality.

9. "La Mordidita"

In the video, for the Puerto Rican star's hit single, a small bite is what gets people dancing. The video features Martin singing around a traditional town in Cartegena, Colombia. As the first dancer makes her way around town biting people more and more people start to dance. The video, which ends with night life scenery and a dance party lead by Martin, is effective in presenting Latin culture and expression through dance, as Martin has done very successfully in his career.

10. "Ecos de Amor"

Latin Grammy-winning duo Jesse & Joy let a pair of dancers do all the storytelling in the video for their hit song "Ecos de Amor." The pair sing and play the piano as two contemporary dancers evoke the songs emotional message through a choreographed routine, something mainstream artists like Sia, Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding also did in their videos this year. The video is simple and has a dark visual tone but nevertheless conveys the message of love.

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