Home sweet Homeland. Last December saw the conclusion of the epic third season of the international spy saga. The finale, titled "The Star" was the culmination of three years worth of intrigue, drama and overwrought tension. Something had to give and at the epicenter of the coming change was Nicholas Brody, played by Damian Lewis.

So let's quickly recap the unexpected events of the tumultuous third season of Homeland. Brody was captured by Iranian Islamic Hardliners and hung to death via mechanical crane in a public place. Carrie is pregnant with Brody's love child... Lest you forget that Brody wasn't actually hitched to Carrie and indeed had a wife and daughter all his own. Saul Berenson was unceremoniously pushed out of the company and has found a second-calling as a shadowy government contractor. So a lot happened and in season four, more plot twists and drama are sure to follow.

Viewers will likely see Berenson pop in and out of the narrative from time to time. But his days as a series regular may be numbered. Meanwhile, Brody's wife Jessica (Morena Baccarin) and daughter Dana (Morgan Saylor) will be lucky to be seen at all after receiving an official downgrade in status per The Hollywood Reporter. But is it possible that fans will get a chance to see Brody in action one last time? Perhaps everyone's favorite solider/politician/presumed terrorist will appear in flashbacks or dream sequences? 

That being said what can viewers like you expect from Homeland this time around? Well, for one, the show is going to be based, largely, in an entirely new country. Due to Mathison's promotion to Istanbul Station Chief the show will provide the diverse, homogenous nation that is Turkey as its main backdrop for all this season at least.

Showtime's hit series will return in the fall and perhaps in October to be specific. So while fans of the show still have an excruciatingly long wait before new episodes crop up you can always start watching the series from the beginning again.

In the meantime feel free to checkout a preview of "The Star" below:

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