BBC's Doctor Who is now in its 8th season, and this time there will be a new face for the Doctor and, of course, new time traveling adventures.

Loyal viewers of the show wanted to see a new villain who would create exciting twists in the story. This is finally happening; according to reports, TV actress Keeley Hawes is joining the cast this season. She will play the role of a shady banker who is always after the Doctor and is serious about taking him down. According to Stephen Moffat, Keeley was chosen for her superb acting skills as seen as in her role in Line of Duty.

The new Doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi, supported by Clara Oswald. The main characters will encounter Ms. Delphox. She is located on a foreign planet, and this is where the story begins. As for how the story was created, Hawes expressed that she had fun on the set. She also sees Ms. Delphox as a great character and a fun one to play.

Another rumor spreading is the return of the Master, a character which many deem as scary and terrifying. The creators decided to bring back the character of the Master to make Peter Capaldi's debut season more exciting. They also want to pose a challenge for him, especially since loyal Doctor Who viewers know exactly how strong a character like the Master is.

Another addition to the cast is Samuel Anderson, who will play the role of Danny Pink. With the addition of more cast member, there is a lot to look forward to in the next season.

According to rumors, the season 8 of Doctor Who is expected to be released this summer. However, others say that the show won't be ready until the fall. This season will have 13 episodes.