The waiver wire is absolutely critical for Fantasy Football owners everywhere. Staying on top of free agency can make or break your team every week. Disappointing play and injuries often lead to Fantasy Football owners checking their waiver wire to help aid their roster week in and week out.

Here are five players you should consider singing off the waiver wire this week.

1. Kirk Cousins

It's amazing more people haven't picked up Kirk Cousins in Fantasy Football. Cousins has now led the Washington Redskins to three consecutive victories, and he is putting up solid numbers. Cousins has eight touchdowns and zero interceptions in the last two games. He has found great chemistry with DeSean Jackson and Jordan Reed. To make things better, Cousins and the Redskins take on the Dallas Cowboys next week, who have absolutely nothing to play for. Looks like Mike Shanahan was right the whole time.

2. Marvin Jones

The Cincinnati Bengals passing game is hurting right now. AJ McCarron will be starting in place of Andy Dalton and tight end Tyler Eifert is still out because of a concussion. All eyes will be on AJ Green, so Marvin Jones has to provide some relief as the No. 2 option. Jones has 745 receiving yards this year, the second most on the team. There's going to be a lot of tight throws into one on one coverage going forward. Jones and the Bengals take on the below average Baltimore Ravens pass defense next week.

3. Chris Matthews

Remember this guy? Chris Matthews had a an incredible Super Bowl for the Seattle Seahawks back in February with 109 receiving yards, but we haven't heard much from him since. Matthews is now with the Ravens, and if you're having wide receiver issues, he could be worth a start. Matthews is starting to get a feel for the Ravens offense as he did score a touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers in a 20-17 victory. Without Steve Smith Sr., the Ravens can use all the help they can get at wide receiver.

4. Isaiah Crowell

It's been another disappointing season for the Cleveland Browns, but Isaiah Crowell (who went undrafted) is having a productive year. Crowell leads the Browns in rushing yards this season with 653, and he has posted 336 total yards with three touchdowns over the last four games. It's unlikely the Browns can beat the Steelers next week, but Crowell should have an average game. With Chris Johnson hurt, DeMarco Murray not doing anything, and so many other backs injured, Crowell could be your best option off the waiver wire.

5. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Just like Cousins, Ryan Fitzpatrick is having the best season of his career. Fitzpatrick now has a career high 29 passing touchdowns this season, and he has only thrown an interception once in his last five games. The New York Jets are a playoff squad right now thanks to Fitzpatrick's great season. The Jets take on the Buffalo Bills next week in a must win game. The Bills have nothing to play for as they have already been eliminated, so Fitzpatrick should continue his hot streak throwing the football.

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