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Eli Roth New Movie: 'Knock Knock' To Star Keanu Reeves; Film To Debut In September?

First Posted: Apr 14, 2014 09:48 AM EDT

Eli Roth, the horror film director who also has a cult following, is about to make his next film with a popular Chilean actress, along with Keanu Reeves.

Ignacia Allamand is not exactly a household name in the U.S., but she is a popular actress within the Latin American community, and she is perhaps Roth's muse. Roth's film Knock Knock is a psycho-sexual film, which some are calling a remake of the 1977 film Death Game. Roth and Allamand have been working together for a while.

Yahoo! Movies reported that Reeves will be the lead actor in Knock Knock, as well as executive producer. This will be both Roth and Reeves' first time working together and Allamand's third film with Roth, but this will be her first time working with Reeves. 

Allamand is expected to play Reeves' wife; she has filmed The Green Inferno, written and directed by Roth; and she was also in Aftershock, co-written by Roth.

Allamand also stars in a Chilean soap opera Volver a Amar, or "Back to Love." Allamand is perhaps very lucky to be working with Roth, who is known as the "splat pack" horror directors who have emerged from the year 2000. Roth also directed Cabin Fever, Hostel, and Hostel Part 2.  

Allamand stated in an interview that she is truly grateful to be working with Reeves, and with Roth in the film Knock Knock. The film is about how a happily married man, Reeves, is left alone by his wife, Allamand, in their home for the weekend; then two beautiful girls show up at his house, and turn his life upside down.

Roth is extremely excited about the film, so much so that he wants to debut Knock Knock for the Toronto International Film festival, in September. Filming is expected on April 14 in Santiago, Chile.   

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