New Year's Eve is brimming with traditions ranging from cultural, familial to the downright peculiar. This time, we're zeroing in on undies, and how they factor in several New Year's traditions across Latin America.

According to UnderwearExpert, traditions involving these intimate garments include sporting a specific color, the actual way people wear them and how they should be received when given as a gift. Those looking to find love with an Argentinian or want to increase the odds of having a child in Puerto Rico should usher in the new year wearing a certain type of skivvies. 

1. Argentina

Argentinians searching for love wear pink underwear, hoping the flowery color will spice up their romances for the year to come. Most women in the country also don pink underwear on Christmas Eve for good luck, per PocketCultures.

2. Bolivia

To keep friendships going strong, Bolivians also wear pink underwear on New Year' Eve. Not only that, they wear the underwear backwards in order to double the luck.

3. Brazil

In Brazil, putting on orange knickers will potentially provide a year of work-related success. This is usually paired with a white outfit that attracts peace and happiness. Brazilians have the option of wearing accent colors underneath the white clothing to represent various New Year's resolutions. FromBrazilToYou indicated that yellow is for prosperity, blue for harmony, green for health, red or pink for romance and purple for inspiration.

4. Chile

Chileans rock yellow underwear to guarantee a year of happiness and good fortune. They then eat lentils when the clock strikes midnight for added prosperity and good health.

5. Colombia

Also in Colombia, yellow underwear is worn to guarantee a year of happiness and good fortune.

6. Ecuador

Folks in Ecuador also carry out the beliefs of their next-door neighbors. Yellow underwear is worn to ensure a whole year's worth of happiness and good luck.

7. Peru

In Peru, green skivvies will bring positive energy to the new year. To maximize the luck, Peruvians wear it inside out and change it back at the stroke of midnight.

8. Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, sporting white undies is believed to help in fertility and a year of good health.

Among the aforementioned countries, there seems to be one consensus: wearing black underwear on New Year's Eve will bring misfortune to the new year. Luck seekers are advised to pick something colorful instead, depending on what's on their vision board for 2016.