If there's one thing that "Ash vs Evil Dead" has never really done, it is bring down the apocalypse. At least not in global sized proportions. That may change after the season one finale.

Episode 10 is titled "The Dark One" and will air on premium cable network Starz this Saturday, Jan. 2, 2016 at 9 p.m. EST, according to TV Guide.

If you consider the events of the last episode, then fans of the show know all too well what is about to come. Ruby has revealed her true self to Ash and Amanda has officially turned into a Deadite. It also appeared that Ash may have had some deeper feelings for Amanda than his usual lust for women.

So now that they are left at the cabin with Ash and Ruby about to square off, according to Spoilers Guide, things might go a little differently for the "Evil Dead" hero. There has been many times in the past (series and films both) that he was just a hero by default. It has always seemed to be self-preservation that has kept him fighting the Deadite armies and he never really cared about the people around him, or even the world for that matter.

Although he has had his times where he could have just ran, his hero side has shined through in some clutch moments. But in the next episode, he is about get an offer from Ruby and the true "Evil Dead" that might put him on the path to peace.

It is his last chance to rid the world of evil, but another offer is on the table that has him thinking. This is a deal that that could not only change himself, but could also have global repercussions should he go through with it.

The real question here is whether or not he views humanity as worth saving or if he decides to default back into self-preservation mode.

Watch the trailer below for the next episode.