The future of drones is still yet to be determined, but aviation experts are concerned about them getting in the way or interfering with general airline traffic. Airbus is introducing a technology that will shoot down drones if they venture into an area they shouldn't wander.

Airbus recently showed off the drone-disabling technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The new technology would allow an implemented system to take over incoming drones and move them away from a critical area, TechRadar reports.

The aviation industry has been concerned that drones could fly over critical areas like airports, sporting events or highly populated areas. With Airbus' technology, once a drone is spotted in a restricted or dangerous airspace, it can be disabled or taken over. The technology also provides information on who is operating the drone and supplies those valuable details to law enforcement.

"All over the world, incidents with universally available small drones have revealed a security gap with regards to critical installations such as factories, airports or nuclear plants," said Thomas Müller, head of Electronics at Airbus.

Airbus' technology uses a combination of radar, infrared sensors and other equipment to keep track of drones and determine if they pose a threat. The system can work at a range of 3.1 to 6.2 miles.

Once the system detects that a drone is a threat, it jams the device. The operator will be locked out, unable to continue using the drone, and the Airbus system's operator will take over. At that point, the drone can either be sent to safer skies or crashed.

Airbus and other companies are developing anti-drone lasers too. Such lasers would similarly be used to destroy drones that are seen as threats. Drones can also be shot down with traditional guns.

To avoid having drones disabled or shot down, drone owners should stay below 400 feet, avoid highly populated events and airports, and keep their drones in sight.