Jalisco Cartel Uses Explosive Drones to Attack Police

Jalisco Cartel Uses Explosive Drones to Attack Police, Hurts 2

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel has reportedly used drones to drop explosives on police, hurting two officers in the western state of Michoac√°n on Tuesday.
Drone Food Delivery will Finally be Available in Brazil through iFood and Speedbird Aero

Drone Food Delivery Will Finally Be Available in Brazil Through iFood and Speedbird Aero

Drone food delivery will soon be available in Brazil as iFood work with Speedbird Aero.

Top 6 Best Drones for 2020 on Amazon

The top six drones for 2020 available on Amazon.
Tom Cruise ready to suit up again.

Tom Cruise Confirms "Top Gun" Sequel In Production

No word yet on the Danger Zone remix.

Google Testing 5G Gigabit Wireless Internet Beamed From a Solar Powered Drone in New Mexico

Forget "loony" weather balloons; Google is now testing the prospect of delivering high-speed gigabit Internet via solar-powered drones, if a recent report is accurate.

CES 2016: Airbus Reveals Technology to Disable Drones

If drones get too close to an airport or other area, they can be disabled and taken down
Ehang Drone

CES 2016: Chinese Company Unveils Human-Carrying Drone Prototype

The drone can hold an adult weighing up to 220 pounds.
Intel Drone

CES 2016: Intel Shows Off Commercial Drone, Transforming Scooter Robot

The drone's controller will have a display to show the user what the drone is seeing.

CES 2016: Ford to Increase Research on Self-Driving Cars, Partner With Amazon

Ford also has a deal with drones

Fireworks Dazzle Over Lima, Peru in New Year's Drone Video [Watch]

A photographer has released amazing drone footage of New Year's Eve in the city of Lima, Peru.

Black Friday 2015 Deals, Sales, & Discounts: The Gadget Gift Guide

Whether you're looking to give the perfect gift or a fun high-tech toy for yourself, Latin Post has you covered. We've rounded up the best deals on the most in-demand gadgets, in one convenient Black Friday gift guide.

Feds Seek Recreational Drone Registration, Accountability

The federal government is finally doing something to tame and regulate recreational drone use, long after the explosion in popularity of casual consumer drones has created major safety issues in the sky.
Drones at CES

Where to Buy Your Own Drone

Drones, Drones, Drones, at CES 2015
FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Rio De Janeiro Maracana stadium police security forces

FIFA World Cup 2014: Brazil Spends Almost $1B on High Tech Security, 'RoboCop'-Style Armored Police

If you're in Rio catching the FIFA World Cup 2014, you might see some futuristic looking riot police clad in black armor resembling the titular character from the RoboCop reboot, along with gas masks that look like Darth Vader. That's just a sample of the massive buildup of 21st century military tech meant to secure visitors and "pacify" impoverished Brazilians, fed up with the country's massive spending on international sporting events.
barack obama

Obama Talks Future Drone Attack Plans, Using Drones Responsibly

Yesterday, President Barack Obama said that the country will continue to use drones in its fight against terrorism.
Attorney General Eric Holder

Obama Administration Set to Release Memo That Approved Targeted Drone Killings

The Obama administration has announced that it will disclose a secret memo that approved targeted drone killings.
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