Tom Cruise might be the busiest man in Hollywood. He's filming a string of high-octane blockbusters back to back and he still feels the need for speed.

In a recent interview on a daytime talk show in Austraila, "The Mummy" star recently confirmed that a "Top Gun" sequel is in the works and will apparently begin shooting soon.

These aren't the first rumblings of a sequel to the high-flying 1986 action classic that launched Cruise into international stardom. Co-stars Kelly McGillis and Val Kilmer have expressed interest in returning for a sequel. Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the original film and countless blockbusters since hasn't seemed to have lost that loving feeling about the film on his Twitter.

The film will reportedly modernize it's concept and setting for the 21st Century and look at how drone warfare has changed aerial warfarre and the culture around the fighter pilots we fell in love with.

All we can hope for is a good movie about Tom Cruise shooting robots out of the sky and that Pitbull misses the call about being on the remix to Highway to the Danger Zone.