Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Is Megan Markle Considering a Run at Hollywood?

Is Meghan Markle returning to Hollywood? Find out the truth about her reported talks with the other celebrities.
Tom Cruise and Meghan Markle

The Real Score Between Tom Cruise And Meghan Markle

Tom Cruise is rumored to have a secret admiration to the Duchess of Sussex
Tom Cruise ready to suit up again.

Tom Cruise Confirms "Top Gun" Sequel In Production

No word yet on the Danger Zone remix.
Mission Impossible 5 Movie: What You Need to Know About Next Movie

'Mission Impossible 5' News Update: Things Fans Should Know About Movie

In 2011 Paramount had one its biggest hits with "Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol." The fourth installment of the lucrative franchise not only made $209 million domestically but it also grossed $694 million worldwide.
Emily Blunt

'Edge Of Tomorrow' Actress Emily Blunt Speaks Badly of Co-Star Tom Cruise

While conducting an interview with a magazine, Emily Blunt was reminded of her speaking against Tom Cruise. How did Blunt and Cruise react?
Laura Prepon

Is Scientology Threatened By the Hit T.V. Show 'Orange is the New Black'?

Each and everyday we get closer to the highly anticipated June 6, 2014 return of the greatest prison dramedy of all time.
katie holmes

Katie Holmes Reportedly "Madly In Love" As Jamie Foxx Releases 'Annie' Trailer [VIDEO]

Actors Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been rumored to be dating, but the stars seem to have other things on their minds such as feminism, Suri, movies and orphans.
Laura Prepon

Tom Cruise Denies Moving on from Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise may have shown his interest in younger girls, but he is not interested in girls from the '70s (show).

Cher Admits Tom Cruise Was A 'Top Five' Lover [VIDEO]

During a recent interview, Cher dished out info on her storied love life.
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