Actresses Eva Longoria and America Ferrera poked some fun at the Golden Globes Sunday night when they took the stage to present Best Actor in a TV Drama.

Longoria introduced herself as "Not Eva Mendes," while Ferrera presented herself as "Not Gina Rodriguez." They also added that neither one of them was Rosario Dawson.

The joke was a clear jab at the Golden Globes' slip-up last month, in which their Twitter account confused Latina actress Ferrera, who has starred in shows "Ugly Betty" and "Superstore," with Gina Rodriguez, star of "Jane the Virgin".

The fun continued as Ferrera and Longoria later referred to each other as "Salma" and "Charo."

Twitter exploded in reaction to the joke, praising the two actresses for calling out the Golden Globes on their egregious error.

According to US Weekly, Rodriguez herself thought the joke was hilarious.

"I liked it and think it's funny," the 31-year-old CW actress said. "I thought their speech was funny, we have the same expression and I think other people care more than I do. But we do look alike, me and America!"

However, one Twitter account took the joke a little too far. MTV Australia was heavily criticized after they posted an offensive tweet in response to Longoria and Ferrera's jab.

The account later posted an apology for the comment, saying they would leave the humor to host Ricky Gervais.