WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan returns to WWE Raw after taking time off to marry his fiancee Brie Bella.

However, the leader of the "YES! Movement" must keep an eye out for Kane, whom is out to impress The Authority after Stephanie McMahon questioned whether he is up for the task of being the company's Director of Operations. Kane has been outwitted by his former tag team partner at every turn leading up to Wrestlemania 30, failing to prevent Bryan from winning the title. McMahon has challenged Kane to let loose "the devil's favorite demon" and unleash that rage upon the champion in order to help her husband Triple H destroy the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Such provocation compelled him to decimate the the Big Show on "WWE Main Event" after the show ended, dressed, once again, in his classic red mask, to appease his employers. What does Kane have in store for Bryan with Extreme Rules a couple of weeks away?

The tournament to determine a number one contender for Big E's Intercontinental Championship continues this week on WWE Raw, with Rob Van Dam facing the newest "Heyman Guy" Cesaro in one semifinal match while "Bad News" Wade Barrett faces Sheamus in the tournament's second bout.

Barrett has been out of action for awhile and has been delivering a lot of bad news to opponents since his return to the WWE, making his presence felt in the tournament. RVD also recently returned to the company, having put away Damien Sandow upon his return and eliminating Alberto Del Rio from the tournament last week. Which two WWE superstars will advance to the finals and a title shot at "Extreme Rules?" 

After having ended AJ Lee's 295-day championship reign, NXT Divas Champion and WWE Divas Champion Paige has a new challenge in front of her after Tamina won the "10-Divas Battle Royal" held on "WWE Main Event" to determine a number one contender. AJ's former bodyguard eliminated half the field -- The Funkadactyls, Alicia Fox, Nikki Bella, and Natalya -- to earn her title shot at "Extreme Rules." Tamina has been very loyal to the former champion, but will the strong-woman step out the shadows to do what her former employer failed to do and beat Paige for the Divas title? 

Bray Wyatt is not backing down from tormenting John Cena despite having been defeated by the former champion at "Wrestlemania 30." Wyatt is obsessed with exposing Cena as a fraud to his fans, promising to take him to new "extremes" at the May 4 pay-per-view. With Cena fully admitting that he has never faced a foe as diabolical as Wyatt, will Cena fall prey to the Wyatt Family's mind games or will he rise above the hate as he has done so many times?

WWE COO Triple H has made it clear what lengths he will go to in order to take the WWE world title from Bryan, manipulating Batista and former champion Randy Orton into re-forming their old crew -- Evolution, and making The Shield the focus of his ire after the Hounds of Justice ruined his chances of taking the title from Bryan in the "Raw After Wrestlemania" edition, interfering in his match against the champion. The Shield took care of The Authority's Kane and the Corporate New Age Outlaws at "Wrestlemania 30," but learned last week that taking on Evolution is a whole other dilemma. "The Hounds of Justice" were the victims to their own "numbers game" they play, forced into an "11-on-3 Tag Team Handicap" match that saw them get put down by Evolution last week. A clash between the two crews is inevitable, with both stables set to face off at "Extreme Rules." But The Authority seems intent on destroying them before they make it to the New Jersey pay-per-view. What new scheme will Triple H, the Authority, and Evolution hatch against The Shield?

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