Facebook has been investing on apps that are playable on Android-based systems despite not purchasing them directly from the Google App Store. According to TechTimes, this practice has made Facebook realize that they could get kicked out of the Google Play Store, should it become an issue with the other party.

As a result, Facebook is apparently working on creating their own app store in order to provide an abode for their home-grown apps. The Information reveals that the planned Facebook App Store is a "contingency measure" in case Google drops them out. Currently, there are no issues surrounding Facebook apps' ability to run on Android, but the company is not taking any chances.


If there's any reason why Google would kick out Facebook, that will be the company's apps running on Android despite purchasing them somewhere else aside from the Google Play Store. However, The Information said there was also an incident where Facebook deliberately disconnected its users from the Android platform. Allegedly, it was to test the loyalty of Facebook users to them.

Although it wasn't confirmed whether Google is aware of it or if it will cause strain between the two giant companies. Because of Facebook's growing competition with Google, they also look on future conflicts that will eventually make them pack their apps and head on somewhere else.

Looking through the options, it's unlikely that Google will let go of Facebook apps, considering its massive number of users coming in and out of the Play Store. Hence, Facebook considered creating their own app store to avoid getting into lawsuits pertaining to their partnership conditions.

NeuroGadgets reports that the Google App Store indeed has a history of removing certain apps for certain violations. Whether they are big or not, the practice has been there and Facebook wants to avoid it. If once Facebook comes up with its own app store, it will join Google, Apple and Microsoft.

It was also suggested that in the event Google lets go of Facebook before they can even launch their App Store, the Oculus VRs own App Store can also be used to temporarily house some of Facebook's prominent apps. The Oculus VR App Store also comes pre-installed on Samsung devices as well.

Do you believe that Facebook is actually making their own app store? What do you think would be its impact on the Google Play Store?