Episodes 118 to 122 revealed that seven years had passed since Alejandro was thought to be dead, prompting Montserrat to move on with her life. (Catch up here.)

Here's what episodes 123 to 127 will bring:

Episode 123: José Luis is winning over Montserrat. Rosario does not believe that there is love between José Luis and Montserrat, and she looks for him and tells him not to take her away from her grandson. Alejandro is starting to recover from the horrible accident that took place seven years earlier.

Episode 124: Montserrat and José Luis continue to grow closer. Rosario gets to know José Luis better and finally accepts that Montserrat is living her life again. Nadia realizes that Víctor is worried and knows that more problems may be coming. 

Episode 125: Now that Alejandro has gained consciousness, he wants to know what happened to Laurito. He last remembers Graciela telling him that Montserrat died, and it was his fault. Meanwhile, Montserrat tells Laurito that she's ready to form a family, which makes him happy because he likes the idea of having a dad. Nadia visits Alejandro in the hospital where she finds that he is saddened that his son is without the love and care of his father. 

Episode 126: Nadia wakes up in the middle of the night to get water: She never imagined she would see Pedro. He found her and is now inside her house. José Luis proposes to Montserrat and wants to go to the church to pick a date to get married. She is taken by surprise. Dimitrio can't hide that he's surprised to see Josefina again. She hasn't been in Aguazul for seven years. 

Episode 127: Nadia is desperate to hear from Victoria, so she risks her safety to get information from Josefina. Instead, it's Graciela who picks up. It seems that Refugio is making an effort to make his marriage work, but Esmeralda confronts him and asks if he's in love with another woman. Meanwhile, Pedro tells Amelia that Victoria is alive.