A trial delving into the tragic death of international pop icon Michael Jackson has brought with it plenty of drama and intrigue. Now, the prosecution has released new home videos of Jackson with his family that show a very touching, intimate side to the King of Pop.

"[Prince Jackson] began his testimony by showing jurors roughly 15 minutes of private family photos and home videos, including footage of Prince and his sister Paris as babies and them with their younger brother Blanket one Christmas morning," notes the Telegraph.

The videos and Prince's testimony were used to paint Michael Jackson as a very human, family-oriented man, an attempt at least in-part as an effort to endear the jury to the victim. The videos certainly show just how caring and sensitive he was as a father figure, despite a popular opinion that views the late singer as detached and incompetent.

"Michael Jackson was a loving father who cared deeply for his 3 children ... and they suffered an immeasurable loss when he passed away -- at least that's what Jackson family lawyers tried to show in court with MJ's own candid home videos," reports Hollywood gossip website TMZ.

The company that was promoting Jackson's tour at the time of his death, AEG, is now facing a wrongful death suit. It has been alleged that they endangered the superstar's life by insisting that his doctor do everything he can to get Jackson ready for his shows, even if that meant pumping him full of a dangerous cocktail of medication.

"He would cry sometimes after he got off the phone," Prince Jackson recalled. "He would say, 'They're going to kill me. They're gonna kill me.'"

The videos were released almost four years to the day after Jackson was found dead in his home on Jun. 25, 2009. He was 50 years old. The case against AEG is being pushed by Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, who is currently the guardian of Prince Jackson, as well as Michael's other children, Paris and Blanket.