A Catholic law that bans divorced members of the church from receiving communion could be the subject of change after Pope Francis recently approved an Argentinean woman's plea to take part in communion after marrying her husband, a previously divorced man, the Washington Post reported.

Under the law, Julio Sabetta could not receive communion because he was previously married to a woman more than 19 years ago. The law, however, extended to his current wife, Jaqui Lisbona, whom he has two children with after being married for 19 years.

After a local priest denied her communion and right to confession last year, Lisbona, who lives in the river town of San Lorenzo, sent a letter to Francis six months ago expressing her concern and confusion on how to handle the issue.

"(They told me that) when I went home, I resumed a life of sin," Lisbona told La Red Am910, a Buenos Aires radio station.

On Monday, Sabetta received a phone call meant for his wife at the couple's home. The speaker on the other end identified himself to Sabetta as Father Bergoglio and wished to speak with Lisbona.

"I asked him if it was really him, the pope, and he said it was and that he was calling in response to my letter dated in September," Lisbona told the Vatican Insider.

Pope Francis reportedly told her that "there was no problem" with her receiving communion. She said he also told her that he was currently "dealing with the issue" or remarried divorcees.

"He said my letter was useful in helping him address this issue," she said, adding, "then he told me there are some priests who are more papist than the pope."

The Vatican would not provide a comment to several publications about what was discussed in the telephone call citing privacy reasons, but it did not deny the phone call occurred.

"It's between the Pope and the woman," a Vatican spokesman told CNN.

Lisbona reminisced about her conversation with the pope and said she would write to him again once she receives her next communion.

"He was completely normal with me on the phone, and I tried to speak to him with the utmost respect," she said. "Now I am overwhelmed by the enormous effect this story has had, and I feel moved by the fact that I spoke to Francis."