The threat of Republican front-runner Donald Trump becoming president has motivated Latin American immigrants nationwide to pursue full citizenship.

The Guardian reports this "naturalization blitz" will involve a campaign to help assist Latino Americans who are legal permanent American residents to upgrade their immigration status. This will allow them to register to vote, and help ensure Trump never reaches the White House.

The movement was sparked in retaliation to the presidential candidate's harsh rhetoric concerning undocumented immigrants, and Latinos in general. Throughout his campaign, the businessman has referred to Mexican Americans as rapists and criminals, and has proposed building a wall along the border of the U.S. and Mexico.

"Our messaging will be very sharply tied to the political moment, urging immigrants and Latinos to respond to hate with political action and power," said Maria Ponce, member of the immigration rights organization iAmerica Action.

The campaign will kickoff in California, Nevada, Colorado and Texas, where citizenship clinics will host workshops for legal permanent residents. Attendees will be provided with the necessary paperwork, legal consultation and, in some circumstances, financial aid to cover the $680 application fee.

Over 300 legal residents plan to attend one of the upcoming workshops in Las Vegas this weekend. With Nevada being one of the first early voting states to boast a large Latino population, organizers and advocacy groups hope to make a large impact on the election there.

"This is a big deal," said Jocelyn Sida of partner group Mi Familia Vota. "We as Latinos are always being told that we're taking jobs or we're anchor babies, and all these things are very hurtful. It's getting to the point where folks are frustrated with that type of rhetoric. They realize the only way they can stop this is by getting involved civically."

Among the 8.8 million legal permanent residents in the U.S., nearly 90,000 live in Nevada. Many have neglected to pursue citizenship, but Trump's ignorant comments and political agenda have spurred people to action.

"It's not just the Donald Trump situation," Sida added. "Mostly, it's just not wanting to be suppressed anymore. They want to elect people who are going to propose a good pathway to citizenship, a good pathway for education and healthcare, a good pathway for a better life here in America. They want to have that voice."

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