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WhatsApp Update 2.12.264 Beta for Windows Phone Brings Improved Notifications and More Improvements

First Posted: Feb 02, 2016 06:20 AM EST
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Windows phone owners can now enjoy the latest update from WhatsApp. According to NeuroGadget, WhatsApp update 2.12.264 has everything to do with the notification feature of the application. If in the past, notifications are saved on the action center of the app, the new WhatsApp update will erase them as soon as you are able to open and read the notification.

The current beta version of WhatsApp update 2.12.264 is primarily available on the Windows OS. The update has also included some enhancements on the app's Action Center, where you can read a four-line message. In the event that the messages are longer than that, you can still preview it from the notification center.

The latest WhatsApp Update is currently in its beta form and users might not be able to see this on the Windows App Store. Once the development reaches its final stage, WhatsApp users can download it directly from the site.

Detailed information from the VMPU website also suggests that the Live Tile will still show unopened messages with an enhanced preview on one side. Other enhancements include the Info Page, where a significant change has also been noticed.

Recently, WhatsApp announced that they are continuing the development of the app and has decided to make it free for everyone. With a lot of people wondering how they will get their revenue without integrating ads, the popular messaging app said on its blog that they are contemplating on venturing in a B2C style of marketing.

Latin Post also said that WhatsApp decided to launch the messaging app for free because not all of its users have credit or debit cards, but have mostly used WhatsApp to contact their families and friends.

WhatsApp will soon try gaining revenue from companies who will use the app in servicing their customers. Currently, WhatsApp has target businesses like banks, hotels and airlines as their primary users in communicating and updating their customers.

WhatsApp currently runs on several platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and the Nokia Asha device. Currently, users continue to use the app for free and without ads as promised by the company.

Are you looking forward to trying the latest update from WhatsApp? What update are you hoping to get the next time they release a new one?


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