On Wednesday, a group of prominent immigration activists from Nevada endorsed Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

The former secretary of state received endorsements from eight pro-immigration activists at a campaign event in Las Vegas Wednesday afternoon. The group of DREAMers include Astrid Silva, Blanca Gamez, Rafael Lopez, Betsaida Frausto, Karla Rodriguez, Erika Castro, Dulce Valencia and Rudy Zamora.

Silva is a 27-year-old renowned activist protected under President Barack Obama's 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). She also spoke at a 2014 rally in Las Vegas where Obama announced his Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) deportation relief program.

Her support for Clinton comes with little surprise since Silva and five other activists met with the former first lady in Las Vegas back in May. At their meeting, Clinton promised to support the president's executive actions on immigration, and go even further to protect immigrant families.

"Less than a month after Hillary announced her candidacy for president, her campaign reached out to us and said that she wanted to hear directly from DREAMers about our lives and experiences," Astrid Silva said in a statement sent to Latin Post.

She added that Clinton was the only candidate who could get things done in spite of Republican obstructionism.

"The more we listened to other candidates, the clearer it became that only one candidate understands how to get things done in the face of stubborn Republican obstructionism," Silva said. "I stand with Hillary because she stands with immigrant families."

Silva, who has maintained a close relationship with Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, also released an op-ed via Univision Wednesday morning announcing her support for Clinton while casting Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders as a candidate with unattainable goals.

"Although it was tempting to fall for what basically amounted to an immigration activist's wish list, we owed it to our families to support a realistic and achievable approach to fixing our immigration system," Silva wrote without naming the Vermont senator.

"Allowing ourselves to be swept up by appealing but ultimately empty promises is a luxury our loved ones cannot afford," she continued. "Here in Nevada, we understand how the legislative process works, and we prefer real, tangible results over lofty goals that are impossible to reach."

In the statement, Gamez also said meeting Clinton last May also helped solidify her support for her presidential bid.

"I was completely surprised by Secretary Clinton's responses to the various questions that we asked her," said Gamez. "Hillary not only answered the questions, but delved deeper into the issues, which are rarely spoken about."

Sanders' National Latino press secretary, Erika Andiola, however, balked at the announcement about the endorsement and dismissed it as a "press hit."