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Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s Marriage to Actress Angelica Rivera Under Investigation? Validity of Marriage Questioned Due to Determined Irregularities

First Posted: Feb 10, 2016 06:00 AM EST
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and his wife Angelica Rivera

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Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto seemed to have his happy-ever-after with actress Angelica Rivera. Unfortunately, its validity has recently been questioned because its implementation was reportedly riddled with determined irregularities.

The 49-year-old Mexican president and his 46-year-old celebrity wife are no strangers to the controversies that have hounded their marriage. As a matter of fact, Mexicans have often speculated that the president orchestrated a "fairy tale" romance to go along with his current presidency, Latin Correspondent noted.

According to the investigation conducted by Aristegui News, Peña Nieto and Rivera's marriage was made possible through a process of irregularities, falsehoods and simulation approved by the Archdiocese of Mexico. Famous journalist Carmen Aristegui also highlighted information regarding Rivera's irregular process of annulment to television producer Jose Alberto Castro.

While Peña Nieto and his wife made headlines months ago because of purchase of mansions and holiday homes from public contractors, the couple is again under scrutiny due to questions surrounding on how the Mexican Catholic Church streamlined the cancellation of the first lady's previous marriage.

Rivera and Castro were married in 2004 and annulled in 2008. Their marriage was officiated by priest Jose Luis Salinas Aranda, who was considered as the "priest of the stars" but had died last October.

In November 2008, however, Peña Nieto announced his engagement to Rivera. Even though the process of annulment is long and complex, Rivera obtained the Church decree from the Tribunal of the Archdiocese that her previous marriage was "null and void" due to lack of "canonical way" in May of the following year.

A month following the annulment, the Archdiocese of Mexico conducted an investigation against Salinas and discovered some indiscretions. In fact, Church authorities said Salinas was responsible for having "simulated the administration of the sacrament and marriage." The act was even called as a "gross travesty of justice" by the Roman Rota.

He was also grilled over his failure to produce the correct license. Salinas was subsequently punish and was banned to continue his job as a priest. However, Salinas emphasized that Rivera's first marriage had been annulled irregularly. Thus, her marriage with Peña Nieto should not have been possible.

Meanwhile, the Mexican government has still no official comment on the controversy, which came just days before Pope Francis' visit to Mexico on Feb. 12.

The Archdiocese of Mexico, on the other hand, dismissed the claims made by Arestegui News and weekly Proceso, saying the report "uses half truths to confuse public opinion," as per BBC Mundo. Archdiocese spokesperson Hugo Valdemar also added that the annulment was "perfectly done with no irregularities."

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