The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, published an essay that emphasizes on making mental health in children a priority. She also announced the launch of her newest project called Young Minds Matter.

Kate Gives Importance on Children's Mental Wellness and Development

Kate underscored how children are always vulnerable to the issues and struggles faced by families. However, it's the adults who are often not willing to address this properly because of certain beliefs or fears. "The mental health of our children must be seen as every bit as important as their physical health," Her Royal Highness wrote.

The duchess stated that it's important for kids to be able to talk about their feelings and develop sensitivity to others. She also revealed that she will not second-guess letting her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, seek help if needed. She believes this is a necessary tool to processing their feelings so that they can grow up as well-adjusted adults.


The state of a child's mental wellness bears a huge impact in adulthood and it is believed that at least 50 percent of adult mental problems are rooted early on, before the child reaches the of age 15. "Studies show that childhood disorders lead to more severe and sometimes multiplying disorders in adulthood," said Dr. Harold Koplewicz of the Child Mind Institute.

How Mental Health Problems Should Be Addressed

Like the duchess, other experts also believe that problems relating to mental health must be regarded like cancer or any physical health problem, where preventing the disease is the most effective solution. The condition also presents symptoms that shouldn't be disregarded, and properly engaging the person with intervention, consultation or counseling will help his well-being.

"The reality is that one in ten children under the age of 16 have a diagnosable condition," said Dr. Dickon Bevington of the Anna Freud Center. "If you intervene early there is a real genuine hope to alter the trajectory of a young person's life in a way that, if you pick them up at 25 or 26, they're largely set in what they've got."

What is Young Minds Matter All About?

Meanwhile, Kate's Young Minds Matter is a new blog site that aims to raise awareness on mental struggles and issues. While it's centered on children and young adults, anyone is encouraged to share their experiences there.

Parents, carers, doctors, experts and adults who have dealt with childhood trauma, depression and similar conditions could send in their stories or grant an interview. In doing this project, the duchess hopes to reduce the stigma around people suffering from mental health disorders.