Cecilia Galliano is experiencing being the mother of a teenager for the first time.

The mother of two has a 13-year-old daughter named Valentina and a 4-year-old son, Santiago (whose father is Sebastian Rulli). Galliano opened up about what it's like to raise a teenaged daughter.

The key for her has been treating her daughter as her friend.

"Women change a lot in moods, but as a mom, I'm very open," she said, notes TV Notas. "Valentina and I are friends. It's very important to have communication with her. Guys want to rush through this time to live certain experiences due to lack of information at home, such as sex, alcohol and drugs; but we have talked about all that."

She also speaks to her daughter about boyfriends, saying that her daughter had a boyfriend when she was 8. The two dated for three years, and Galliano loved him.

"Vale tells me when she likes someone, but right now, she doesn't have a boyfriend," she said. "At 13, the boys see each other differently than girls because girls are a bit more mature."

Galliano was recently battling ex-husband Sebastian Rulli in court over a car that she had given him. He claimed that the car was under his name, and she said that her signature was forced. They had gone back and forth with different experts and each asserted their side.

"The integrity of a man is measured by his conduct in society," she said on social media.

He said, "Honor is a reason of pride. To put into question the honesty and trustworthiness of someone else, you must have these virtues."

Galliano explained that she didn't explain it to be such a long process, but she continued to fight because she felt it was the right thing to do.