Senator Marco Rubio receives so much love from his fellow Latinos as the Puerto Rico primaries on Sunday push him forward with a massive lead over his competitors, including Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

In fact, another Latin Post report revealed that the Florida Senator has enough votes in his state to bring Trump's lead to just five points in the Republican primaries.

This goes to show how the battered presidential hopeful's image is gradually changing into one that presents hope.

Republican Primary Results in Puerto Rico

Poll results showed Rubio with staggering 24,866 votes, overtaking Republican frontrunner Trump with 4,494 and Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 2,922.

According to reports, Puerto Rico poll centers turned up with 95 percent of the total voting population in the territory, 71 percent of which supported the Florida senator.

"The numbers are overwhelming. This primary in Puerto Rico ... will demonstrate that the Hispanic vote is important," Puerto Republican Party chairperson Jenniffer Gonzalez said in a statement.

With this progress, there is a big chance that Rubio will be getting all 20 delegates determined by the primaries.

Puerto Rico's Hope

As previously reported, Puerto Rico is currently under a debt crisis that left the country with more than 250,000 job losses since 2006.

Despite efforts from the U.S. government to aid the territory in getting over the slump, Puerto Rico remains in a state of recession.

Logically, this led its residents to believe that they should vouch for someone who will bring their concerns front and center.

"He understands Latinos because he is Latino," said Puerto Rican retiree Orlando Gomez whose two sons were forced to travel to the U.S. to look for job opportunities.

Sonia Quintero, another retiree, said she voted for Rubio because of his show of concern for Puerto Rico, citing that his visits made her believe that he will bring their country hope.

"He knows where we are and who we are and that's why he can help us," Quintero explained.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico Rubio campaign president Jose Fuentes Agostini believes that his constant presence in the country made the difference.

"This is a great victory. It is here in Puerto Rico that we're going to change the course of this presidential election for the entire nation," he said.

Marco Rubio's Stance in Immigration

Like Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, Rubio is also from a Latin American family.

However, unlike the Vermont Senator, Rubio plans to rid the country of the immigration issue by finishing up the 700-mile border in the South, adding 20,000 Border Patrol agents, and many others, per Rubio's personal website.