Ivanka Trump Says She Won't Run Against Marco Rubio for Florida Senate Seat in 2022

Ivanka Trump Says She Won't Run Against Marco Rubio for Florida Senate Seat in 2022

Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of former president Donald Trump, will not run for the U.S. Senate from Florida in 2022 as she settles into life after Washington, according to people close to Florida Senator Marco Rubio.
Secretary Mnuchin Testifies In Senate Hearing On CARES Act Implementation

Florida Senator Rubio Faces Criticism for Confusing John Lewis, Elijah Cummings in Tribute Tweet

Florida Senator Marco Rubio shared a tribute tweet where he wrote his thoughts on the death of civil rights icon Georgia Rep. John Lewis who died Friday, only the photo he shared did not show him with Lewis.
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With Marco Rubio Out, Will Conservative Latinos Vote for Donald Trump?

Latinos have played a crucial role in deciding the last four presidential elections. Come November, their opinion of Republican front-runner Donald Trump may determine who fills President Obama's seat.
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Marco Rubio Presidential Campaign Ends After Crushing Super Tuesday Florida Primary Loss

Following a crushing loss in his own state, Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio suspended his presidential campaign on Tuesday night.
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GOP Presidential Primary Results in Ohio & Florida: 'Winner Take All' States Give Trump, Kasich Victories

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had a good Super Tuesday night as he won four of five primary states on March 15.
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Trump Expands Florida Lead Against Rubio Ahead Sunshine State's 'Winner Take All' Primary

Donald Trump's presidential campaign could potentially hit new milestones on Tuesday as new polling data has shown the businessman threatening John Kasich and Marco Rubio's White House hopes.
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Trump, Rubio, Cruz Offer Their Solutions to Legal Immigration, H-1B Visa Usage

Immigration once again was a talking point at the final Republican presidential debate before the crucial Florida and Ohio presidential primaries.
Marco Rubio Holds Campaign Rally In Tampa

Puerto Rican Population May Influence Florida's Electoral Votes

The sudden increase of Puerto Rican voters in the United States might be the determining factor on who will get Florida’s electoral vote. However, who they will be voting for remains uncertain considering that they are notorious “swing voters.”
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Ted Cruz Hopes His Cuban-American Roots Resonate Among Latinos in Florida

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is hoping his Cuban American roots will pay dividends for him in the upcoming Florida primary.
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Marco Rubio Advised to Drop out Before Florida Primary

Some of Marco Rubio's handlers are advising the reeling Florida senator to drop out of 2016 Republican race for president before primary voters can take to the polls in his own state early next week.
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Sanders Pulls Political Upset Over Clinton in Michigan, Rubio Fails to Win Any Delegates

Bernie Sanders appears to have stunned the political world on Tuesday night as his campaign won Michigan’s presidential primary against Hillary Clinton. It was also a good night for Republican candidate Donald Trump.
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What You Need to Know For 'Super Tuesday 2': Hundreds of Thousands of Latinos Eligible to Vote

More than 100 delegates will be available for Republican presidential candidates on March 8's "Super Tuesday 2," across states where the Latino electorate is on the rise.
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Donald Trump is Like Hitler & Mussolini, Says Enrique Peña Nieto

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto dubbed Donald Trump as today’s “Hitler,” pitching in his opinion on Trump’s proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall. Meanwhile, the Republican primaries remain consistent with the business tycoon in the lead.
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After Low-Turnout Puerto Rico Win, Marco Rubio's Rivals Prepare 'Winner Take All' Florida Battle

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., scored more than two dozen delegates on Sunday afternoon, but will likely encounter trouble ahead of the March 15 Florida primary elections.
GOP Presidential Candidates Attend CPAC Conference In Washington DC

Puerto Rico Loves Marco Rubio!

Marco Rubio wins over embattled Puerto Rico with his constant presence and promise of hope for his fellow Latin Americans. This might push him forward with a massive lead over his competitors, including Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.
Republican Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Campaigns In Iowa

Where Does Marco Rubio Go From Here? How Losing Florida Could End His Run

Marco Rubio lost 10 of 11 Super Tuesday states this week, magnifying the importance of the upcoming Florida primary that may end his presidential aspirations.
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