Marco Rubio

Insiders Predict Marco Rubio Will Lose Florida to Donald Trump

Marco Rubio is expected to lose his home state of Florida to Republican front-runner Donald Trump in this month's primary by an overwhelming 9 in 10 local politicians, a new Tampa Bay Times Florida Insider poll finds.
Donald Trump

Donald Trump Quickly Reverses Flip-Flop on Immigrant Guest-Worker Visas

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump offered a clarification on his “changing” view on immigrant guest workers, walking back on what some viewed as a flip-flop.
Marco Rubio (R-FL), Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

GOP Debate Recap: Trump's Hand Size, Changing Immigration Stance Gets Clarification

The Republican presidential candidates gathered on Thursday night for their first debate since "Super Tuesday."
Susana Martinez

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez Endorses Marco Rubio

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio received yet another endorsement on Thursday, and it's from a governor who's among the potential names for vice president.
Hillary Clinton Campaigns Across South Carolina One Day Before Primary

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Would Both Beat Donald Trump in General Election: Poll

Donald Trump trails both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a new CNN/ORC poll that took the pulse of voters in a series of hypothetical general election match-ups.
Donald Trump

Super Tuesday GOP Results: Trump Wins Most States, But Cruz and Rubio Still Gain Delegates

“Super Tuesday,” a date when nearly a dozen states host presidential primaries or caucuses, finally concluded and it was a good evening for several Republican candidates.
Ted Cruz

Super Tuesday: Ted Cruz Becomes First Latino to Win A Texas Presidential Primary

Ted Cruz became the first Latino, regardless of political party affiliation, to win a Texas presidential primary.
Marco Rubio

Self-Deportation Resurfaces From 2012 Presidential Election

After suffering a huge loss in the 2012 presidential election, the Republican Party realized that they needed to make major changes in order to become more inviting and inclusive of minority groups.
Jeff Sessions donald trump

Immigration Hardliner Endorses Trump for President

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received his first endorsement from a current U.S. senator who has had a strong record on curbing immigration.
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Fort Worth

Donald Trump Approaches 50 Percent in CNN Poll

Donald Trump is now registering a campaign-high 49 percent of support from all Republican voters, giving him triple the support of closest challenger Marco Rubio.
Marco Rubio

Donald Trump Leading Marco Rubio in Florida, New Poll Shows; Rubio Goes on Offensive

Republican front-runner Donald Trump leads Florida Sen. Marco Rubio by 16 points in his own state heading into next month's primary.
Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

GOP Debate: Trump Triumphs in Twitter, Google Activity & Moments

The latest Republican presidential debate had many people engaged on social media, and it appears front-runner Donald Trump dominated discussion.
Marco Rubio

GOP Debate: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Identify Latinos Are Not Single-Issue Voters

The final Republican presidential debate before "Super Tuesday" wrapped up on Thursday night, and issues affecting the Latino electorate were addressed from the start.
John Kerry Testifies At Senate Hearing On State Department Budget

Why This Senator Thinks That US Embargo on Cuba Will Not Happen Under the Obama Administration

Senator Bob Corker doesn’t think that the United States’ embargo on Cuba will be lifted under Barack Obama’s presidency.
Marco Rubio

'Winner Take All' GOP Primary in Florida Could Be Trouble for Rubio's Presidential Ambitions

The Republican presidential primary appears to be a three-horse race with Trump, Cruz and Rubio, but Florida senator needs a major win in the Sunshine State to maintain contender status.
Cuban Migrants

A Look at Where GOP Candidates Stand on Cuban Immigration

As most of the immigration talk coming from GOP has focused on deploying more border patrol agents and building a wall along Mexico, Republican candidates have spent far less time publically discussing changes that will likely soon come regarding the nation’s policy on Cuban immigrants.
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