Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had a good Super Tuesday night as he won four of five primary states on March 15.

Florida Results

In the Sunshine State, Trump had a successful win, even defeating Florida's junior senator, Marco Rubio, by double digits. According to the Florida Division of Election, Trump received 46.73 percent (1,075,881 votes), comfortably ahead of Rubio's 27.04 percent (636,128 votes). Rubio was banking on a Florida win, especially given the state's "winner take all" status, which gives all of its 99 delegates to the Republican candidate with the highest votes. As a result of the loss, Rubio did suspend his campaign on Tuesday night.

In third place was Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, receiving 17.13 percent (403,087 votes), easily ahead of Ohio Gov. John Kasich's 6.77 percent (159,241 votes).

In total, nearly 2.4 million votes went for the 13 Republican candidates that were listed in the ballot, although most have dropped out of the race.

Ohio Results

In Ohio, another "winner take all" state with 66 available delegates, Kasich received his first primary win. Based on polling data prior to the March 15 election, Kasich's main opponent was Trump, but come Super Tuesday night, he outperformed the businessman by double digits

Based on data from the Ohio Secretary of State, Kasich received 917,284 votes, or 46.98 percent, while Trump attracted 700,325 votes, or 35.87 percent. As with Florida, Cruz placed third, although not winning any delegates. Cruz received 259,643 votes, or 13.30 percent. Rubio placed four with less than three percent.

North Carolina

Trump received another win in North Carolina. Unlike Florida and Ohio, North Carolina is not a "winner take all" state, and its 72 delegates are proportional.

According to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, Trump won with 40.24 percent (458,233 votes), and he led with on-the-day voting and absentee votes. Cruz performed better as he received 36.77 percent, or 418,783 votes. Kasich attracted 12.68 percent, ahead of Rubio's 7.71 percent.

Based on RealClearPolitics' projections, Trump narrowly won the state's delegate count and he will win 29 of its 72 delegates. Cruz will win 26 delegates and 9 will go to Kasich. Although he's no longer in the race, Rubio would have received five delegates.

Illinois Results

Illinois, another proportional state, offered 69 delegates and Trump saw another win. Trump won with 38.8 percent, followed by Cruz's 30.3 percent. Kasich also received double-digit support with 19.7 percent. Rubio fell to single digits with 8.7 percent.

Missouri: Too Close to Call

As of 4 a.m. Wednesday, Missouri's Republican presidential primary is too close to call despite 99 percent of the precincts reporting. Trump has been leading with 40.8 percent, but Cruz is narrowly behind with 40.6 percent. Far behind, Kasich received 10.1 percent, ahead of Rubio's 6.1 percent.

Missouri offers 52 proportional delegates.

Overall Delegate Count

While the latest Super Tuesday delegate count is expected to change once Illinois and Missouri determines its allocations, Trump maintains his lead with 621 delegates, followed by Cruz with 396 and Kasich with 138 delegates. Rubio had 168 delegates and he may receive a few more despite suspending his campaign. A Republican presidential candidate requires 1,237 delegates to clinch the party's nomination.


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