In light of Donald Trump's seemingly unstoppable momentum, the GOP is poised to stand behind Ted Cruz, a candidate who was previously seen as too divisive and unpopular to consider for the presidential nomination.

The 45-year-old candidate knows that he is becoming the most reliable bet for a party very reluctant to get behind the celebrity real estate magnate turned presidential candidate.

Cruz Is the Only Candidate

Speaking to his supporters on March 2, Cruz asked his other rivals to drop out of the race so he could face Trump alone.

“So long as the field remains divided Donald Trump’s path to the nomination remains more likely, and that would be a disaster for republicans, or conservatives, and for the nation,” said Cruz. "For the candidates who have not yet won a state, who have not racked up significant delegates, I ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together united.”

Acknowledging that Cruz is not likely the first choice for many Republicans out there, political blogger Leon H. Wolf wrote a piece for the conservative site Red State in which he asserted that Cruz is the only candidate right now who can save the GOP from a Trump nomination. Wolf argued that, although Cruz lacks executive experience, he is preferable to Trump, whom Wolf described as an ignorant, unhinged political figure with megalomaniacal tendencies.

As the numbers for John Kasich remain low and Marco Rubio’s campaign lags behind, Cruz has emerged as the only viable alternative to Trump. Wolf said that Trump is guaranteed to lose in November, but Cruz might have an actual shot at winning.

Lindsey Graham Backs Cruz

Former presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., spoke to CBS's Charlie Rose about how his party had essentially run out of options and would now have to get behind Cruz.

"Ted Cruz is not my favorite by any means,” said Graham. “But we may be in a position where we have to rally around Ted Cruz as the only way to stop Donald Trump, and I am not so sure that would work."

Graham was certain that the Republicans will lose the presidential election to the Democratic Party, and he blamed his party's stubbornness.

“Here’s what I am going to tell people when we lose to Hilary: ‘I told you that the immigration issue is killing us.’ We’re doubling down on the problem we had with the Hispanics. We went from self deportation to forced deportation," he said.

According to Graham, the party is suffering because it is stuck in a “demographic death spiral."

Cruz Is Trump Lite

As Latin Post previously reported, Cruz idea's about immigration are not actually all that different from Trump’s. Like Trump, Cruz plans to build a border wall. The senator, however, does not insist that Mexico pay for the wall. Regarding border security, Cruz would like to triple the number of agents and incorporate surveillance and biometric tracking technology.

Prior to the recent tension between the two candidates, Cruz had suggested that Trump could assist his administration in keeping out Mexican migrants. Cruz once suggested that Trump should be put in charge of constructing the planned wall between the U.S. and Mexico.