Cecilia Galliano has spoken about her difficulties in the past, but she opened up even more for the show "Madres Guerreras."

She has previously shared that because she has had cancer, she has been afraid to get pregnant again. She also described how she first found out she had cancer, notes TV Notas.

"One day I was walking in a store, and I felt a very strong sting," she said. "They take me to the doctor and tell me I'm full of cancerous cysts. Three days later, I had surgery, an operation that was 8 hours long."

Before she was pregnant with Santiago, her youngest son, she had a miscarriage. She was three and a half months pregnant. She said it's her children that have given her strength.

"Just thinking about it makes me want to die,"she said. "It's not natural. As I want to bury my mom... It's what one expects, the natural. It's not something that is great. I wouldn't want my mom to ever die because she's someone I need all of my life..."

She's also thankful for Mark Tacher, who she describes as the "best life partner" that she could have.

Galliano recently spoke about the relationship she has with her daughter, Valentina. She said the two are very close and talk like friends.

"Women change a lot in moods, but as a mom, I'm very open," she said. "Valentina and I are friends. It's very important to have communication with her. Guys want to rush through this time to live certain experiences due to lack of information at home, such as sex, alcohol and drugs; but we have talked about all that."

She shares her younger son, Santiago, with ex-husband Sebastian Rulli. He seems to be as crazy about their little boy as she is. Rulli wears shirts that say "Santi Time" when they hang out.