The latest version of the Android N developer preview is out. Here are the details on new features for Android 7.0 along with everything else you need to know.

Early Preview Release

With Google's annual developer conference, Google I/O 2016, approaching quickly, Google has decided to get the seventh version of its mobile operating system, dubbed Android N, to developers early.

On March 9, two months before the usual release date timeline, Google had already launched the first version of Android N developer preview, and earlier last week Android N dev. version 2.0 was released, as Android Authority detailed.

So far, Android N has revealed interface updates to multitasking, recent apps, and quick settings features.

User Interface Flexibility

The UI is notably flatter, and Android's cards are being blended down with thin lines separating individual notifications. More customizability in these menus seems to be on the way, as the Quick Settings panel now allows you to edit which icons are up top. For recent apps, Android N has added a split-screen option that you can enable by long-pressing an app in the app switcher or while in another app: Your most recent app will come up and share the screen with your currently active app.

Finally, there's freeform window mode, which allows you to drag and drop settings, apps, and other windows on top of a background -- much like in a desktop operating system. It hints that making Android easier to use with bigger screens is becoming a priority for Google with Android N.

Under the Hood Improvements

A couple of under the hood improvements are to be found in Android N as well, including an improved two-tier system that includes a lighter and deeper sleep level. The first kicks in if your screen has been off for a period of time, while the second deeper Doze mode waits until your phone hasn't detected movement for a while.

Developers will be delighted to know that Android Runtime is getting a boost to make app optimization faster, as well. For users, it means apps should launch and reboot faster than with previous versions of Android.

Google I/O starts in late May, so more details on Android N are sure to be popping up. Stick with Latin Post Tech for more on the latest Android operating system in the coming weeks!