Even though PlayStation usually keeps its PS Plus free games list close to the vest around this time of the month, sometimes the lineup of free games can leak. It appears to have done just that, with a possibility of Watch Dogs and Tetris Ultimate on the way for the PS Plus May 2016 free games list.

Reddit Leak?

That's according to a Reddit user in Germany, ShirkerD, who claims to have gotten a peak at the May 2016 free games on offer for PlayStation Plus a day before the usual announcement.

He backed up his claim with a screenshot that looks a lot like the May 2016 PS Plus free games for PS4 in the German PlayStation Store. Watch Dogs and Tetris Ultimate were the two games shown for PlayStation 4 in the screenshot, though there were no details on what's possibly in store for the PS3 or PS Vita.

Watch Dogs for PS4 Possible

While you should take any "leak" or rumor ahead of the official announcement with a healthy grain of salt, it is certainly possible that Watch Dogs for PS4 will be in the May 2016 PS Plus free games lineup.

It's been rumored that Watch Dogs could be coming soon, and the addition of Tetris Ultimate could bolster that claim, since both games are from publisher Ubisoft, as GearNuke noted.

Leaks Happen, Sometimes

It's also not unheard of that the PS Plus free games leak somewhere on the Internet just before the official announcement.

The last time that happened was just in November 2015, when a Dutch online games retailer accidentally posted an advertisement for the top two PS Plus free games for that month a day before the delayed announcement came from official PlayStation sources, as Latin Post previously reported.

So if the screenshot is genuine, Watch Dogs will be coming to PS4 in May 2016 for free, which should make a lot of PS Plus members happy; If the screenshot is genuine.